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'GOTA HAVE IT' 49cc DIRT BIKES N MORE supply affordable motocross bikes, competition race bikes and ATVs Brisbane wide.

Motorbikes Brisbane Wide

Have you ever wanted to be like Casey Stoner and fly around the track on a high-powered motorbike?

Do you dream of one day doing a 360 degree flip on the Crusty Demons tour?

Isn’t it a shame that there aren’t any Evil Knievel’s left in the world?

Well there there just might be – with 'GOTA HAVE IT' 49cc DIRT BIKES N MORE.

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Whether you’re in East Ipswich, Caboolture or Brisbane, now you can finally get that dirt bike, quad bike or motorbike you’ve always wanted but thought was way too expensive to buy and maintain.

With five years experience in everything to do with bikes and racing, 'GOTA HAVE IT' 49cc DIRT BIKES N MORE provide a wide range of top quality, high performance machines at truly affordable prices.

And with super monthly specials to sweeten the deal, you’ll be riding down the Gold Coast with the wind through your hair, dust in your eyes, and smoke in your nostrils in no time at all. 

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'GOTA HAVE IT' 49cc DIRT BIKES N MORE offer the following impressive lineup of extreme motorbikes:

  • Motocross (MX) Dirt Bikes & Freestyle MX Bikes
  • Pit Bikes, Enduro Bikes & Motard Bikes
  • Competition Race Bikes
  • 50cc, 70cc & 110cc
  • 125cc, 140cc & 150cc
  • 160cc, 250cc & 700cc

Pocket racing bikes and quads range in size and ATVs are available in Kids, Midsize, Race and Farm, whilst junior models have the option of being fitted with training wheels for 3-10 year olds.

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Simply call Vicki Amber on 0421 741 800 or visit the 'GOTA HAVE IT' 49cc DIRT BIKES N MORE website for more information.

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