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In-vehicle Digital Video Recorder, IVCS, Car Blackbox, GPS, Drive Recorder

Do you want to be able to remember an important event or situation that occurs whilst you drive? If you were involved in an accident would you like to have video proof of what actually occurred? With VisionDrive auto blackbox you are able to record your trip whilst driving. 

Your Safe Driving Partner - Auto Blackbox

Do you want to become a safer driver? The system stores on the spot sensor analysis data, it will also warn the driver about any reckless acceleration braking or turning leading to safer driving patterns. 

The VisionDrive range of products are simply the best in market to capture video with audio, gps derived speed/location information and forces on the vehicle via the integrated 3-axis G sensor. Key features of the Visiondrive black box include:

  • High quality video recording
  • Automatic continuous loop recording system
  • Widescreen colour LCD display
  • Passkey lock security 
  • High capacity backup battery
  • Voice guidance support
  • High performance GPS
  • Inclusion of the SD card to get you operational

The system is built for convenience and ease of use, it doesn’t matter if your technology savy or not, the system has been built to allow all people to operate without difficulties. 

When an accident occurs, we all know that it can come down to your word against the other persons. With this technology you are able to show specifically who was in the right and wrong.  

With day and night high quality recordings, this system has an endless range for uses, its purposes include:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver training
  • Hire monitoring
  • Off road trip recordings
  • Taxi and courier services
  • Emergency services 
  • Driver behaviour monitoring 

Stay safe on the roads, install the VisionDrive system today and see the benefits it can make to your driving. This product is supplied nation wide so contact today on 0419 225 722 or visit their website for more information.

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