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buckle me up™ | Wireless Seat Belt Reminder Australia | Child Safety In Cars Sydney

Belt Alert | buckle me up™ is a new product designed to keep your kids safe in the backseat of your car by ensuring they remain in their seat belts.

Call today on 1800 951 678 and find out about our wireless seat belt reminder system for child safety.

Kids Safe Sydney

The buckle me up™ seat belt alert device for kids is Australian made and manufactured meaning you get a quality product every time.

Seat belt alert system for Australian customers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Newcastle, Alice Springs, The Gold Coast and everywhere else.

Driver Safety Melbourne

The buckle me up™ seat belt safety device is made for parents of young kids to make sure that they stay buckled up in their seats.

This means that parents are free to focus only on the road without worrying about their kids in the backseat, hopefully leading to less accidents on Australian roads.

Defensive Driving Brisbane

The product is designed to reduce the fatality and injury amounts on the roads, by keeping young kids strapped into their seats.

The buckle me up™ tells parents when their child has unbuckled allowing parents to then ensure that their kids then do up their seat belts and stay safe.

Car & Road Safety Perth

The buckle me up™ is a world first backseat seat belt reminder, with nothing else like it available on the market.

They hold a high quality standard and have been tested by EMC Technologies, a NATA-accredited test centre.

How Safe is My Car? Adelaide

Looking back for even a few seconds can be deadly for both you and your kids so this is an important device to keep parents fully focused on the roads.

The device beeps and flashes to alert parents when the child unbuckles through a dashboard device which is easily installed.

Baby Car Seat NSW | Newcastle

Children can be extremely distracting for parents and often lead to accidents by forcing the driver’s attention away from the road.

The buckle me up™ ensures parents “never look back” by providing a safety alert that stops parents from having to check on their kids every few minutes.

Booster Seat Safety Queensland | Gold Coast

The entire system is easy to install and operate.

Features of the buckle me up™:

  • Easy Install and operation
  • Driver safety
  • Australian Made and Owned
  • Quality Tested
  • Child Safety Device
  • Beeps and flashed to alert you

Driving Instruction & Training Victoria | Geelong

Make sure your car is fully kids safe with this revolutionary device.

So don’t delay, purchase your buckle me up™ today with a free 30 day trial.

Contact us via 1800 951 678, and see how buckle me up™ can change the way you drive.

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