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Belt Alert - buckle me up™ is a new product, designed to alert drivers when their backseat passengers unbuckled. Never be fined again, buckle me up™ insures that you avoid fines at all costs.

buckle me up™ is available for purchase on our online store or from eBay, so getting one today and save yourself hundreds in fines as well as saving your demerit points. Call 1800 951 678 today.

Save Your Licence Melbourne

At buckle me up™ we want to modernise your car, making it the safest it can be.

Ensure your backseat passengers are as safe as possible with our proven alert system making sure that you avoid fines and loss of demerit points.

Modern Car Sydney

Modernise your car with a seat belt alert, we understand that not everyone can afford a brand new car with all the latest gadgets which is why we have made the buckle me up™ installable in all cars in Australia.

Do be left behind, get the latest technologies today and find out how you can make your car safer for all backseat passengers.

Defensive Driving Brisbane

Don’t let your backseat passengers distract you. If you have kids or teens in the backseat, it can be a nightmare trying to concentrate.

It is especially worrying as one of them could unbuckle and in an accident, unbuckling your seat belt can be fatal. Lucky buckle me up™ can alert you when your precious cargo unbuckles and you can get them back into their seat belts in no time.

Driving Instruction and Practice Perth

Australian roads are a dangerous place to be, and with kids in the backseat it can be especially dangerous. Young kids often unbuckle without thinking about the consequences.

In an accident not having a seat belt can cause serious injury. It is important that all kids stay buckled up in the backseat which is what buckle me up™ enables parents to be sure of.

New Car Technology Adelaide

buckle me up™ is a revolutionary new product and the first of its kind on the market. New car technology is being released every year, with cars becoming more and more advanced.

But are car companies forgetting about the importance of safety? buckle me up™ fills a gap that has been left by car companies, a seat belt alert for the backseat that stops your passengers from unbuckling.

Car and Driver Safety Sydney

Following are a few of the main features of the buckle me up™

  • Stops backseat passengers and kids unbuckling
  • Alerts drivers through beeps and flashes
  • First of its kind
  • Australian made and owned
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Quality tested
  • Save your licence
  • Avoid police cameras and fines
  • Keep your demerit points

Modern Seat Belt Safety Australia

So purchase your buckle me up™ today and save thousands in fines as well as your demerit point.

View our website and find out how we can help make your car safer and more modern. Call 1800 951 678 today.

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