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Sheffield Mechanical & Tyre services and provides parts for a variety of vehicles and motorbikes for clients in and around Sheffield, Cradle Mountain, Moina, Barrington, and Railton.

For a vehicle emergency, call them up at 03 6491 1107.

Roadside Assistance Railton

Is your car in need of any mechanical repair or do you need any parts for your vehicle replaced?

Sheffield Mechanical & Tyre can provide mechanical service repairs for your vehicle as well as various parts that your vehicle might need.

Behind the company are Andrew and Sonya George who have over 40 years of experience in mechanical services.

They are AIS authorized and qualified light automotive mechanics who has been providing their services for the past 7 years.

They have a modern new workshop that complies with all the OH & S requirements.

Roadworthy Vehicle Inspection Barrington

Having your vehicle break down in the middle of the road is very inconvenient not only for the vehicle owner but also for the other motorists on the road.

Sheffield Mechanical & Tyre can provide RACT roadside assistance with tilt tray towing.

Aside from roadside assistance, they also offer many other services such as:

  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Tyre Fitting, Balancing, and Repairs
  • Roadworthy Vehicle Inspection
  • Part Sales
  • Road Worthy Vehicle Inspection

They provide their quality services at competitive rates and are open from Mondays to Fridays at 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.

They also have Log Book Servicing that does not void the new vehicle warranty to make sure that your vehicles are in their best shape while following the manufacturer’s specifications.

Car Repairs Cradle Mountain

If you need specific parts for any of your light vehicles or if you need any mechanical service and repair for them, call on Sheffield Mechanical and Tyre at 03 6491 1107.

You can also make an appointment with them through their website at or their Facebook page at .

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