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Australia's Best Value Car Wash Systems Ceccato automatic car wash equipment


Ceccato wash systems sells high quality Italian car wash equipment of proven reliability. With thousands of units operating successfully throughout the globe Ceccato automatic car wash equipment is a leader in the international automatic car wash industry. Our car wash equipment embodies Italian design flair yet represents excellent value for money when compared to other like for like European machines.

Purchasing Ceccato car wash equipment will also keep your ongoing running costs to a minimum. Ceccato car wash equipment use generic spare parts that are available locally. Most other car wash equipment manufacturers with lock you into a costly parts and maintenance program. Ceccato Wash Systems offer full 24/7 service and maintenance however many of our customers offer to service their own equipment because of its reliability - improving their bottom line.


An exclusive automatic car wash range
Ceccato teams exclusive flair with flexibility that caters for Australia’s diverse vehicle washing industry. Everyone is looking for convenience and quality. You’ll find all this and more in our automatic car wash equipment:

  • rollover units for car dealerships and service stations
  • conveyors for high volume locations
  • self-service equipment for DIY car washing
  • commercial units for buses, trucks, trains and other commercial vehicles


Car wash equipment to fit every size and shape
Whether you are looking to wash a fleet of rental cars, open a car wash at your service station or want to be an independent owner of a car wash business we are specialists in vehicle wash equipment for:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Trams
  • Trains


Visit our website for information on the full range of our vehicle wash systems including quotations and pricing information or alternatively contact us on 1300 155 115.


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