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Defensive driving is an extremely important driving technique that everyone needs to understand and practice.

At Belt Safe we want to promote safe driving practices on Australian roads and have developed a product to help you stay safe and focused while driving. Call 1800 951 678 today for more information.

Driving Distractions Sydney

When you are driving there are a number of things that can distract you including mobile phones, other drivers and things outside of the car.

Another big distraction in people in the backseat, especially children, who are 12 times more distracting than talking on your mobile phone.

Kids Safe Melbourne

A big part of that distraction is the worry that kids might undo their seat belts, with parents turning around to check on their kids.

This is a dangerous practice, with parents spending large amount of time looking in the backseat rather than focusing on the road.

Driving Safe Brisbane

That’s why we have developed the buckle me up™, child seat belt alert for the backseat.

It allows parents to focus on the road and not have to worry about the safety of their children in the backseat.

Road Safety Perth

The buckle me up™ alerts parents when their kids unbuckle through a device on the dashboard which sounds the alarm if your child unbuckles.

Easy to install and operate, the buckle me up™ is the must have car safety feature for long and short road trips.

Children Safety In Cars Adelaide

Drive safe, make sure you practice defensive driving while you are driving with your kids.

buckle me up™ has a number of features that allow you drive safe:

  • Safer driving
  • Kids are safer in the backseat
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Safer car for all passengers
  • Never look back

Seat Belt Safety For Kids Australia

So purchase your buckle me up™ from belt safe today and become the safer driver you need to be for your kids.

Call 1800 951 678 or visit our website to find out more information about our product.

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